Interested in a career in the arts? There are many ways for students to gain experience and get involved at the Mount Holyoke College Art Museum. 

Student Guide openings for 2023-2024 are live on JobX - deadline April 2


We offer paid student internships with the Museum’s engagement, curatorial, and collections management departments during the academic year. Available positions are posted in the fall and spring on the JobX website.

The Museum also hosts a limited number of LYNK interns during the summer months through the regular Career Development Center application process. The Almara History in Museums J-Term Internship is an additional opportunity available through the History Department, in which an MHC student spends January conducting original research related to objects or special collections within the Art and/or Skinner Museums.


Receptionist/guard positions will be posted in Spring 2023 on the JobX website, and again in November if positions become available.


Another great way to be involved with the Museum is the Student Guide Program, which offers students an opportunity to learn about the Museum's collection and give tours to campus, community, and K-12 audiences. These positions either receive academic credit or student employment compensation for their participation in the year-long program.


For those interested in pursuing museum careers, Mount Holyoke’s network of alums can be an invaluable resource. Every two years, the Museum collaborates with other arts departments on campus and the Career Development Center to organize Crafting a Life in the Arts, a career event featuring alum panelists working in a variety of arts-related professions.

We encourage you to reach out to Museum staff to learn more.