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Virtual Engagement

While the Museum is physically closed, there is still a world of wonder to discover online, with new virtual content being added each week. Enjoy a spin through the galleries with our 3D Museum (to the right), tour the Skinner Museum, or check out Sightlines Tours and virtual exhibitions created by students and faculty. Scroll down to see the full list of options.

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Unknown (Italian), illuminated manuscript pages (detail), 13th-14th century
Art And... Podcast: Episode 6

The Sights and Sounds of Worship

In this episode of Art And..., Mollie Wohlforth '19 is joined in conversation by Assistant Professor of Music Adeline Mueller and Mackenzie Stratton '19 to discuss two 13th century Italian musical manuscript pages (“Iste Sanctus” and “Gaudeamus”). They consider how the music and the brilliant illumination together brought the experience of worship to life. Listen to the end to hear both pages performed in Mount Holyoke College's Abbey Chapel by members of the music department.

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Aram Han Sifuentes
Let Us Vote: An Artist Intervention

Conversation between artist Aram Han Sifuentes and Associate Professor of Art Lisa Iglesias

Hector Dionicio Mendoza
Buscando Futuro/Finding Future

Conversation between artist Hector Dionicio Mendoza and Associate Professor of Latina/o Studies David Hernandez

Lorraine O'Grady (American, b. 1934), Art Is...(Dancer in Grass Skirt) (detail), 1983 image capture / 2009 print
Art And... Podcast: Episode 7

Lorraine O'Grady and Black Female Joy in Art History

In this episode of Art And..., Mollie Wohlforth '19 is joined by Arts and Community Engagement Intern Relyn Myrthil '19 to discuss Dancer in Grass Skirt, a photograph from Lorraine O'Grady's Art Is series. Their conversation considers Lorraine O'Grady's experience of making this series and its illustration of black female joy within a fine arts context.

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Mount Holyoke College Art Museum exterior, 2020
Tour the Art Museum

Introductory tour of the Mount Holyoke College Art Museum

Narrated by Ellen Alvord and Aaron Miller and produced by Nina Frank

Installation view of Money Matters, Fall 2019
Money Matters: A Tour with Desmond Fitz-Gibbon

Exhibition tour with Associate Professor of History Desmond Fitz-Gibbon, co-curator of "Money Matters: Meaning, Power, and Change in the History of Currency," conceived with students in his course “History 252: History of Money and Finance,” Spring 2019.

Filmed by Zach Matys and edited by Meridith Richter

Olivia Brandwein '22, Sightlines Tour 2020
Finding the Familiar: Art and the Everyday

Olivia Brandwein '22
Student Guide, Spring 2020

Everyday objects go far beyond their function, through both the beauty of their forms and the personal meanings we attach to them. Enjoy this colorful pop-up book tour exploring how everyday objects can be art, as well as how contemporary artists can transform utilitarian things into thought-provoking artworks.

Maggie Kamb '21 Sightlines Tour. Image (detail): Unknown, Guanyin (Avalokiteshvara), 960-1368.
Idols and Icons

Maggie Kamb '21
Student Guide, Spring 2020

How do we depict deities and idols? What qualities do we associate with them, and how are these qualities represented visually? Crossing geographic boundaries and various mediums, this tour will examine art from the Renaissance to the contemporary, looking at how figures are glorified and worshipped through the visual arts.

Sondra Freckelton (American, 1936-2019), Openwork (detail), 1986
The Viewer Responds: Art and Perception

Virtual exhibition created by students in “Psych-349 / Music-321: Art, Music, and the Brain,” co-taught by Mara Breen (Associate Professor of Psychology and Education) and Adeline Mueller (Assistant Professor of Music), Spring 2020

In collaboration with Ellen Alvord
Designed by Nina Frank

Maryam Ware '22, Sightlines Tour. Image (detail): Last Sky, Afruz Amighi, 2012.
Seeking Freedom Through Art

Maryam Ware '22
Student Guide, Spring 2020

On this tour, visitors will explore how the theme of freedom is expressed through art. We will consider how freedom affects people on an individual as well as collective level, leading to an appreciation of different artists’ perspectives and perceptions of what it means to be free.

Phoebe Pugh '22 Sightlines Tour. Image (detail): Petah Coyne, Mt. Koyasan, 2012
Living Memory: Art as a Search for the Past

Phoebe Pugh '22
Student Guide, Spring 2020

Memory comes in many forms. It is woven into our identities, our histories, our religions, and our personal lives. Visitors on this tour will explore art from multiple time periods and places, considering how as we examine individual visions of the past, we are also creating shared memories in the present.

Sarah Dauer '20 Sightlines Tour
Ghost Tour: Afterlives in Art

Sarah Dauer '20
Student Guide, Spring 2020 

The objects on this tour, from different time periods and using different mediums, have “lived” like bodies, born as something outside the context of a museum. We will explore how the idea of afterlives can be manifested in five different objects, considering how we are surrounded by “ghosts” of the past.

A'mara Braynen '22 with Lost Mountain at Sunrise
Counter Stories: Art Reframed

A'mara Braynen '22
Student Guide, Spring 2020 

“History continues into the present and implicates persons still alive.” -Richard Delgado & Jean Stefancic, Critical Race Theory (Third Edition)

Bisa Butler (American, b. 1975), Broom Jumpers (detail), 2019
Broom Jumpers: A Conversation with Bisa Butler

Conversation with artist Bisa Butler about MHCAM's recent acquisition Broom Jumpers (2019)

Featuring Stephanie Sparling Williams and filmed by Laura Shea

Sunny Wei
Collection & Connection: Responsive Portraiture

Virtual exhibition created by students in "Art Studio 220: Drawing II: The Human Figure and Other Natural Forms” taught by Gina Siepel, Lecturer in Studio Art Foundations, Spring 2020

In collaboration with Ellen Alvord
Designed by Nina Frank

Still from Celebrating Sacred Moments video
Celebrating Sacred Moments

Virtual exhibition created by students in "Religion 112: Introduction to Judaism" taught by Mara Benjamin, Irene Kaplan Leiwant Professor of Jewish Studies, Spring 2020

In collaboration with Kendra Weisbin
Designed by Nina Frank
Introductory video edited by Meridith Richter

Emmy Biddle, Quarantine
Poetry and the Image: Formations of Identity

Virtual exhibition created by students in "English 361: Poetry & The Image: Formations of Identity" taught by Samuel Ace, Visiting Lecturer in English, Spring 2020

In collaboration with Ellen Alvord and Kendra Weisbin
Designed by Nina Frank

Benton Spruance (American, 1904-1967), City in the Rain (detail), 1932
Cyberpunk in Asia: Reflections on Dystopia in a Time of Coronavirus

Virtual exhibition created by the students in "English 217: Cyberpunk in Asia" taught by Jerrine Tan, Visiting Lecturer in Global Anglophone Literature, Spring 2020

In collaboration with Ellen Alvord
Designed and edited by Nina Frank

Sabra Thorner and students
Anthropology in/of Museums: A Selection of Object-Based Research Projects

Virtual exhibition created with Sabra Thorner, Assistant Professor of Anthropology, and students in her course "Anthropology 316/Art History 316: Anthropology in/of Museums," Spring 2020

In collaboration with Kendra Weisbin
Designed by Nina Frank

Joseph Allen Skinner Museum Exterior
Tour the Skinner Museum

Introductory tour of the Joseph Allen Skinner Museum

Filmed by Meridith Richter with narration by Aaron F. Miller