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Virtual Museum

View 3D models of the Mount Holyoke College Art Museum from 2019 to the present, as well as a 3D model of the Joseph Allen Skinner Museum.

Right: Virtual MHCAM 2023-2024 featuring the exhibition I will spatter the sky utterly: Romuald Hazoumè. Scanned in October 2023 by Northeast 3D.

Past Virtual MHCAM 3D Scans

Fall 2022 - Spring 2023
Virtual MHCAM featuring the exhibitions vanessa german—THE RAREST BLACK WOMAN ON THE PLANET EARTHConsidering Indigeneity; and Form & Figment.
Scanned in September 2022 by Northeast 3D.

Fall 2021 - Spring 2022
Virtual MHCAM featuring the exhibitions Skinner Museum 75: Lenka Clayton—Comedy Plus TragedyJane Hammond: Digital + Analog; and Faculty Acquisitions.
Scanned in February 2022 by Northeast 3D.

Fall 2019 - Spring 2020
Virtual MHCAM featuring the exhibitions Major Themes: Celebrating Ten Years of Teaching with ArtMoney Matters: Meaning, Power, and Change in the History of Currency; and In the Making: The Mount Holyoke College Printmaking Workshop.
Scanned in September 2019 by ExhibitaPro.

Joseph Allen Skinner Museum
Scanned in February 2022 by Northeast 3D.