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Considering Indigeneity

September 2, 2022 Through May 28, 2023

In the Front Gallery

Throughout history, the conceptual boundaries of Indigeneity have been predominantly shaped, broadened, and constrained by settler colonialism, imperialism, and white supremacy. Rather than an authoritative or oversimplified display attempting to present all facets of Indigeneity, this exhibition attempts to reveal the complexities encountered in these objects, of the communities they represent, and the societal structures that brought them to the Museum. What is Indigeneity? How is it defined and who does the defining? What can museums do to acknowledge their past and present roles in this conversation—both harmful and, ideally, reparative?

Curated by Aaron F. Miller, Isabel Cordova, Sydney Nguyen, and Claire Louise Wagner ’22 with contributions from many others.

This exhibition is made possible by the Susan Davenport Page 1931 and Margaret Davenport Page Fales 1929 Art Fund and the Leon Levy Foundation.