Gallery talk about "Money Matters" with Desmond Fitz-Gibbon and Aaron Miller, Oct, 10, 2019


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Jump past Instagram images to the footer. Say hello to this week’s #mhcameow 🐹 Louise, beloved ferret of Senior Preparator Jackie Finnegan ‘08! Louise (often called Wheezy because of her squeaky nose when she sleeps) is a sparkling firecracker who's always getting into mischief. Her favorite activity is trying to escape from her cage or climbing the bookshelves. Louise loves this print by Piranesi as it would be the perfect playground where she could run her wild heart out!
Image: Giovanni Battista Piranesi, “Interior of a Prison from the series The Carceri [The Prisons]” (1750 or earlier). Purchase with Dwight Fund II. 💥FLASHBACK FRIDAY to two fantastic workshops for student organizations created and led by Art and Community Engagement Intern, Emilee Aguerrebere. The first three photos are from a visit by La Unidad (Latinx Student Association) where they participated in a museum wide scavenger hunt followed by group discussions about Latinx art in the galleries. The following three photos are from a visit by AWAZ (South Asian Student Association) where Emilee designed a “Describe and Go” exercise. In pairs, one person would face a work of art and describe it to their partner facing away, who would then draw what they hear. Both events brought thought provoking perspectives on our collection as well as lots of fun and laughter! MHCAM is mourning the loss of a dear friend, Dr. David C. Driskell, an artist, educator, and art historian, who's stunning work is proudly represented in our collection. To explore the work of Driskell and other artists he championed, find the link in our bio.
Images: David C. Driskell, “Chieftain's Chair” (2011); “Thelma Festival II” (2006); “Dance of the Mask” (2008). #mhcameow 🐱 this week is Curator Aaron Miller’s cat Shelby! According to Aaron, “Shelby was born in a barn and she is a predator.” Hence, her favorite MHCAM artwork is also her most prized prey, “A Mouse Mouse Eating a Plum” by Johannes Le Francq van Berkhey (ca. 1770). Shelby is so beloved that she even has portraits made of her...the last photo is a rendition of Shelby made by renowned artist James Miller, 6 & 1/2 years old. Meet Cody! Our first #mhcameow 🐶. He is the beloved best friend of Education Curator Ellen Alvord and family. Cody’s favorite painting in our collection is none other than William Wegman’s “Snowy” (1979)...notice any resemblance? As a lover of snow days, Cody was particularly pleased about the spring powder we received on Monday. We hope you’re enjoying spending lots of time with your family, Cody! Since moving our all-staff meetings to Zoom, we’ve enjoyed a lot of cameos by furry friends. It’s time we share them with you! Starting tomorrow, we will feature an MHCAM staff member’s pet along with their favorite painting in our collection. Keep an eye out for #mhcameow 🐱🐶🐹
Image: Richard Lindner, “Man’s Best Friend” (1969). Gift of Dr. and Mrs. Samuel S. Mandel.