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Two by Two

Lines, Rhymes, and Riddles

Poems by Brad Leithauser. Painting, drawings, and prints by Mark Leithauser. With an introduction by Richard Wilbur
Paperback, 38 pages

Brad and Mark Leithauser are brothers who bring together two distinct languages, one verbal and the other visual.  Brad is an acclaimed author and poet, who has received numerous awards, including a MacArthur Fellowship. Mark resides in Washington, DC, and is an important contemporary artist, represented by Hollis Taggart Galleries in New York. These remarkable brothers have fueled each other’s creativity, and their reciprocal inspiration and encouragement has produced four marvelous collaborative publications featuring poems by Brad with illustrations by Mark. Two by Two was produced in conjunction with an exhibition at MHCAM which presented the brothers together for the first time in a museum setting.