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All Souls (Masindi)


Jane Hammond, All Souls (Masindi)
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MHC Digitization Center

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Hammond, Jane
American (1950- )
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North America; United States; New York State; New York City
All Souls (Masindi), 2006
Acrylic, gouache, graphite, colored pencil, metal leaf, archival digital prints, horsehair, and false eyelashes on assorted handmade papers.
Overall: 54 in x 61 in x 4 in; 137.2 cm x 154.9 cm x 10.2 cm
Purchase with funds from Joyce Marcus (Joyce Eisner, Class of 1953) and Robert Marcus
MH 2006.18

From the exhibtion Jane Hammond, Digital and Analog, February 1 - May 29, 2022
In 2004, after watching hours of aerial footage of the Iraq War, Jane Hammond had a dream that would later develop into an artistic project spanning over a decade. In her dream, a gathering of butterflies alighted on a map of Iraq with no political borders. The series that developed from this vision highlights small cities located within sites of conflict or unrest.

In this exquisite map of Uganda, butterflies, not bombs, descend and reach land. The map’s hand-drawn pencil labels suggest that the human designations of cities and nations are themselves as impermanent as butterflies. As timeless landscapes and ephemeral butterflies encounter one another in Hammond’s work, the ancient and the temporal, the dangerous and the delicate, collide.
Adele Gelperin ’19, Education Fellow, Mount Holyoke College Art Museum (Summer 2017)