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Museum Resources for Faculty (2020-2021)

The Museum is here to help with remote classes in 2020-2021. Find information below for details and see our tips for selecting objects.

Teaching with Art & Material Culture Resources for Faculty

The Museum has developed practical and dynamic resources to support faculty during the 2020-21 academic year, adapted for the new 7.5 week modular schedule. Below please find a menu of pre-packaged and customized offerings, which can be incorporated into remote classes. For more information, or to schedule a Museum session for your class, please contact Ellen Alvord at

Resources for Remote Visits
Use of Digital Images

Pre-packaged virtual resources:

Customized experience options:

  • Interactive activities and icebreakers (such as scavenger hunts, pair and share activity, mysteries of history game with material culture objects, drawing exercises, etc.)
  • Live close-looking session with Museum staff (which can support visual literacy, close reading, critical thinking, evaluating evidence, and questioning assumptions skills); can range from 15-50 minutes (read more about close looking here)
  • Visual materials for teaching such as hi-res image links or slide presentations
  • Discussion questions to support Department Learning Goals
  • Museum educator/curator visits (to discuss specific artworks, thematic topics, etc.)
  • Recording artwork conversations with faculty and Museum educators/curators (see examples of MHCAM in Conversation videos)
  • Reflection, creative response, and research-based assignments
  • Visual materials for teaching such as hi-res image links or slide presentations
  • Label-writing workshop (learn more about label-writing collaboration with Amy Rodgers’s “Activist Shakespeare” class)
  • Virtual Exhibition project (a longer, more involved commitment, but can be done for 1-2 courses per 7.5 week module)