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September 3, 2024 Through May 25, 2025

In the Front Gallery

Leading up to fall 2026, the Mount Holyoke College Art Museum’s 150th anniversary, Museum staff will be working with the campus and community to imagine new methods of display. This full-scale rethink aims to broaden and deepen the stories we are able to share, raise the voices of marginalized communities, and unseat traditional Eurocentric and colonialist perspectives that have dominated museum practices for centuries. Greeting visitors when they first walk in the Museum, RELAUNCH LABORATORY will be a working space for new ideas, themes, and juxtapositions as we plan our new galleries. Showcasing a wide range of global art while making connections across time and place, this long-term installation aims to elicit reflection as well as feedback from visitors

This exhibition is made possible by the Susan B. Weatherbie Exhibition Fund

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