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Brave New Perspectives

This World Through the Lens of New Media Art

February 26, 2013 Through April 21, 2013

In the Hinchcliff Reception Hall


Scott Draves, Gen 244, 2011
Photo Credit: 

Scott Draves

The Mount Holyoke College Art Museum and Streaming Museum have collaborated to produce an exhibition entitled Brave New Perspectives: This World Through the Lens of New Media Art. The exhibition superimposes four new media works with questions designed to encourage visitors to critically engage with new media art. An accompanying blog, accessible via an iPad mounted in the exhibition space, further encourages dialogue.

Each work in the show presents a unique view of familiar topics, including reproduction and genetics, the effect of global warming, and the impacts of news, global data and social media. The techniques employed by each artist invite viewers to experience the subject matter in a unique way that arguably may only be achievable through the use of digital tools. Ultimately, the take-away from this exhibition is the question “What do you think?” and the intention is that the combination of the artwork, posted questions, and the option to write in a blog will inspire viewers to share their thoughts, engage in dialogue with others, and question their own opinions.

Featured works include Gen 244 (2011) by Scott Draves, Emotion Forecast (2010) (video version) by Maurice Benayoun, Nile Blue (2011) by Janet Bellotto, and HI, A Real Human Interface (2009) by Multitouch Barcelona. 

Brave New Perspectives is curated by Maureen Millmore, Andrew W. Mellon Academic Outreach Intern and Mount Holyoke College class of 2013.