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Arnaldo Pomodoro’s "Disco con sfera," 1986

Collection Spotlight

September 3, 2015 Through December 20, 2015

In the Hinchcliff Reception Hall


Arnaldo Pomodoro (Italian, b. 1926), Disco con sfera (Disk with Sphere), 1986
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Laura Shea; Courtesy Arnaldo Pomodoro. All rights reserved. - VIEW OBJECT DETAILS

Arnaldo Pomodoro is known for his imposing bronze sculptures in public sites like Vatican City in Rome and the United Nations Plaza in New York. Born in 1926, he began his career in the wake of World War II, as a consultant for the reconstruction of damaged public buildings in his native Italy. Since the 1960s, Pomodoro has made sculptures that contort and convolute universal forms and objects—disks, spheres, columns, and cubes—with markings of a deeply subjective and temporal nature.  Pomodoro’s Disco con sfera (Disk with Sphere), a recent gift to the Mount Holyoke College Art Museum from Linda Taft Litton ’58, mixes allusions to ancient civilizations and modern industry, deepest space, and natural and manmade scars on our own planet.

Curated by Hannah W. Blunt, Assistant Curator.