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Sightlines Tour

Holding Memory: An Exploration of Personal Objects

Saturday, February 11, 2023 - 1:30pm

Art Museum Galleries

Verity Boyer ’23, Student Guide

"Holding Memory: An Exploration of Personal Objects" investigates the importance of personal items throughout history—how their creation, purpose, and use express powerful ideas about cultural and individual memory. Join Verity Boyer ’23 for a Sightlines Tour of the Art Museum exploring the ways artists and owners employ art to remember, reclaim, and re-configure aspects of self and society in a line of continuity—a thread that connects the individual to a larger history and therefore to an expanded sense of self. Examining objects across cultures and periods, “Holding Memory” invites outward observation and inward reflection.

Sightlines Tours last about 45 minutes and are designed for adult learners, though we welcome visitors of all ages! Free and open to the public.