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Choral Performance in the exhibition: “I will spatter sky utterly: Romuald Hazoumè”

Saturday, April 27, 2024 - 1:00pm

Anne Greer and Fredric B. Garonzik Family Gallery

Listen to students in Professor Kymberly S. Newberry’s “African Women Artists” class sing a choral piece based on the poem “Lineage” by black poet Margaret Walker. For their final assignment, students Emma Harrison '26 and Zora Duquette-Hoffman '26 were inspired to introduce sound into the exhibition “I will spatter the sky utterly: Romuald Hazoumè” curated by Professor Kymberly S. Newberry FP '16.

Student Performers: J Kawai ‘24 Soprano 1, Emma Harrison ‘26 Alto 1, Megan Anderson ‘25 Alto 1, Zora Duquette-Hoffman ‘26 Alto 2, Hannah Rosenman ‘27 Alto 2 

Videographer: Summer Pratt ’26