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Welcome to mhcameo, the Mount Holyoke College Art Museum blog. Here we post about unique happenings, including behind-the-scenes looks at our exhibitions, close examinations of objects from the collection, and art-related chats with alumnae, faculty, and students. Sign-up below for blog alerts and take a regular peek at mhcameo!

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Textile Tactics
Jacqueline Finnegan

Museum Preparator Jacqueline Finnegan reflects on the labor-intensive process of preparing textiles for exhibition. Thanks to her meticulous use of needle, thread, and Velcro®, the textiles in the current exhibition, Dancers of the Nightway: Ceremonial Themes in Navajo Weaving, seem to hover off the wall.  

People Will Know Our Names
Lynda Teller Pete

Relatively little is known about individual early 20th-century Navajo weavers and the creative and economic choices they made with their work. While the maker of MHCAM’s weaving with Yei figures remains unidentified, Lynda Teller Pete, a fifth-generation weaver from the Newcomb and Two Grey Hills areas of the Navajo Nation, shares her perspective on its origins, and the Navajo weaving tradition.