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The Roman Lares, Gods of the Home and Journey

Video recording of a lecture by Harriet Flower, Professor of Classics, Princeton University

February 15, 2017


Harriet Flower, Professor of Classics, Princeton University
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Courtesy of Harriet Flower

In conjunction with the exhibition The Legend of the Lares, the Mount Holyoke College Art Museum hosted Princeton University Professor of Classics Harriet Flower for a lecture on February 2, 2017. A well-respected scholar and a beloved educator with more than 30 years of teaching experience, Professor Flower has published numerous articles and books on ancient Roman culture. At the time of this event, she was completing a manuscript focusing on Roman neighborhood shrines and the popular cult of the lares compitales.

This program was made possible by the Louise R. Weiser Memorial Lecture Fund. Mrs. Weiser was a longtime employee of the College, and her family and friends raised funds to establish an endowment supporting programs at the Museum.