The staff of the Mount Holyoke College Art Museum aim to spark intellectual curiosity and foster a lasting passion for art and material culture through direct engagement with the Museum’s collections.

In support of this mission, we:

  • serve as a nexus for innovative object-based teaching and experiential learning for the College and broader communities
  • care for, collect, and display a diverse collection of global art and material culture, including the Joseph Allen Skinner Museum collection
  • generate engaging exhibitions and events
  • ground our practice in principles of diversity, equity, inclusion, and accessibility
  • foster an inclusive environment for academic experimentation, community building, and social enjoyment
  • challenge campus and community visitors to see art and history in unexpected ways
  • collaborate with partners across campus and beyond, inviting new voices and perspectives into the Museum
  • acknowledge and address the role museums play in perpetuating problematic narratives
  • uphold the values and mission of Mount Holyoke College and its anti-racist action plan